Equipping leaders for holistic renewal in El Salvador.  

What are the needs?

El Salvador has had a long history of war, inequity, and injustice. The ongoing impacts are widespread migration, a high rate of poverty (with over 30% of the population living below the poverty line), and extreme crime and violence rates.

The pandemic has further contributed to the rising poverty rate through job loss, closure of small businesses, and the inability to cultivate crops grown for sale and consumption.

Historically, the church has chosen to be separate from the community, to be a refuge from the violence and messiness of the world.

What can be done to help?

In most areas, the local government does not have the capacity to meet the existing needs. The church, however, is able to identify and care for many of those who are pushed to the margins and overlooked. Equipping local pastors to serve and train their congregation in transformational development has already had a positive impact on the community.

CBM is working with a local partner called ENLACE. Church coaches from ENLACE accompany church leaders to actually engage with their communities and together work within the brokenness of our world to bring hope. Pastors who receive training are gaining leadership in the community and are being seen as advocates and supporters. Most importantly, the church and the pastor are gaining trust through their commitment to the poor and vulnerable. As a result of the church’s care for their community, whole families are becoming part of the church family and learning to serve together.

How will your raised funds be used?

ENLACE’s Church and Community Program identifies, equips, and resources local churches to engage and serve their communities holistically. The Program provides church leaders training, coaching, and consulting in Biblical reflection on the Mission of the church, leadership development, community engagement, project design and management, community mobilization and organization and network development to transform their communities.

 Funds raised will be used to train church leaders in several areas: 

  • Training in a biblical understanding of the mission of the church as Church coaches work through systematic materials while adapting to the church's understanding of Integral mission and their ability to be engaged in their community. The process takes 2 years and is repeated at a greater depth as the church progresses through a 10-year relationship commitment.
  • Training in listening to their communities to engage in long-term meaningful projects and initiatives to help meet real needs.
  • Training in the evaluation of projects and initiatives.
  • Church leaders will also attend a retreat with 65 other pastors to create collaborative networks.

The Church has an integral role to play in the transformation of communities through the good news of Jesus. Well-equipped and informed leadership is key to making this a reality. With more funds raised, more leaders can be equipped. By helping to raise funds to equip leaders, you can make a difference in El Salvador.



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